October 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018


Franklin Press - Printing

Thomasgraphics – Graphic Design

$5,000 and above

John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer

The Family and Friends of Anne Gueymard Shirley Memorial Donations

$2,500 - $4,999

The Alma, Lee, Norman and Cary Saurage Fund

The McMains Foundation

T. Semmes Favrot Charitable Trust

$1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. H. Parrot Bacot*

Mary Kay and Terrell Brown

Mrs. Winnifred Byrd

Mrs. and Mrs. Wayne T. Davis

William A. Hart

Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips, LLC

The Milton J. Womack Foundation

Ann Reily Jones

In Honor of Sue Turner and Winnie Byrd

John and Virginia Noland

Jeanne Yerger

Mr. and Mrs. .Eugene Young*

Karen and Mike Zobrist

*Indicates Honorary Member

$500 - $999

Mrs. H. Mortimer Favrot, Jr.

T. Semmes Favrot

John and Cynthia Graves

Dr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Stromeyer

Mr. and Mrs. John Wilder

$250 - $499

Michael Duplantier

Susan Martin Eaton

Jerry and Devera Goss

Florent Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Holliday

Donna and Ray Mitchell

John C. Sykes and John Carpenter

Richard and Suzette Tannehill

Mary E. Tharp

Elizabeth Treppendahl

Suzanne Turner

Jean and Will Wilcox

$100 - $249

Patricia Alford

Ira Paul Babin

Mr. and Mrs. H. Parrott Bacot

Carol Anne and Sidney Blitzer

Robert and Linda Bowsher

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Broyles

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Coates

Patricia Comeaux

Sarah Anne and Kipp Creed

Nancy Dougherty

Jon Emerson

BeBe Facundus

Richard Gibbs and Randy Harelson

Frances and Neel Garland

Bob and Kit Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. John Hill

Historic New Orleans Collection

Melanie Kleinpeter Hubbs

Ann Barrow Klein

Mary Koontz

John and Priscilla Lawrence

Walter and Anne Legett

Sidney and Sealann Longwell

Ann Laville

Paul Maduell

Beth Mays

Mike and Jane McGaugh

Ralph and Gwenda McKenzie

Tom and Liz McKowen

Carol Messersmith

Joyce Metevia

Harriet Babin Miller

Charlene Guarisco Montelaro

Col. (Ret) and Mrs. Ron Mullenix

Louise Prosser

Laura Rhorer

Estelle L. Rome

Willa and Marvin Roof

Katherine and Guy Rose

Lindsay Rougon

Adelaide Russo

Larry and Karen Ruth

Helen L. Schneidau

Commissioner A. R. Senac

Mary Keith Sentell

Aaron and Megan Sheehan-Dean

Bob and Connie Smith

Mary Steele

Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Thompson

Mrs. Bert Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dudley Williams, Sr.

$35 - $99

LSU Agricultural Center

Woman’s Club, Inc.

Dr. Landon B. Anderson

Irene Beary

Ruth and George Bilbe

Mary H. Boutwell

Janie Braud

John H. Bres

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell

Brian and Lisette Carmichael

Janice Carpenter

Morena Cazedessus

Charles H. Coates, Jr.

Judy Cogburn

Nancy Crawford

Jackie Creaghan

Peggy P. David

Roy Powell Davis

E. Anne Dunn

Phyliss Duplantier

Merrill Eglin

Jean Joffrion Forman

Mary Sue Garay

Maxine Gossom

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Grant

Melinda Gray

Barbara Henry

Teresa Simmons

Mary Hereford

Thelma Herthum

Susie Heroman

Thelma Herthum

Susie Heroman

Mr. and Mrs. John Hernandez

Dorinda M. Hilbun

Trent and Kay James

Cass and Casie Jefcoat

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson

Jessica Kemm

Catherine Kidd

Rosemary Lane

Brenda LeBoeuf

Dr. Douglas Lewis

Alice Lowrey

Grace Lutschg

Kay Martin

Lucy Mayfield

Mary and Charles McCowan

Matt and Mary Merchant

Ann S. Monroe

Calvin Wayne Myers

Mr. and Mrs. David Norwood

Mary Cleland Owen

William and Betty Palmer

Ruth Pace

June Peay

Kathleen and Charles Perilloux

Brenda Perkins

Dorothy Reynaud

Virginia Pruet

Margo Duplantier Rhinehart

Gayle B. Smith

Josephine Spencer

Carolyn Stutts

Betsy Toups

Janelle Trosclair

Dr. and Mrs. William Weldon

Martha Yancey


Vince Baccari

Barbara Bacot

Mrs. Julie Dean Bond-Stinson

Dr. Richard Byrd

Mrs. Winnifred Byrd

Dr. Chet Coles

Mary Courtney

Lubna Culbert

Mike Cutshaw

Virginia Noland

Gail Smith

John Sykes

Suzette Tannehill

Mary Williams