A Year in the Garden: A Monthly Gardening Guide for the Gulf South

Babeth 1150560A Year in the Garden: A Monthly Gardening Guide for the Gulf South has been designed to be user-friendly with information on what to plant and how to take care of the garden in a monthly format. Found at the end of each monthly section is a list of what to seed or transplant, what blooms and when to harvest. Articles on recommended roses, azaleas, crepe myrtles and fruits are included as well as a sprinkling of historical notes, old recipes, “lagniappe” and many beautiful photographs. An additional section on the history of Magnolia Mound Plantation is also included in this charming book.

An earlier version of this book sold 10,000 copies but has been out of print for several years. The book has been redesigned, expanded and updated to include the Gulf Coast region that shares Louisiana’s climate.


The Magnolia Mound Plantation Kitchen Book: Being a Compendium of Foodways and Customs of Early Louisiana 1795-1841

Babeth 1150564Eating in Louisiana has always been an adventure because of the area’s diversity of food and multi-cultural contributions. Cooking was greatly influenced by the French, Spanish, and African people, and by the Native American population. This gave the early 19th century cook an abundance and variety of foods, wines and various seasonings, rivaling the choices of today.

Recorded carefully in day books, passed down by word of mouth from cook to cook, transmitted by letters and sometimes even printed in newspapers of the time – the receipts or recipes were the housewife’s special concern and one of her main contributions to the health and pleasure of her family.

All of these sources and many other publications have been carefully researched by the compilers of this book. This also involved the adaptation and testing of receipts into modern-day form. Both the original receipts, with their quaint and sometimes mysterious spellings and measurements, and the updated versions are included in this book, along with their sources. With all these different influences, these recipes are guaranteed to bring the flavor of early 19th century Louisiana into your kitchen.

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