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Armand Allard Duplantier Circle - $5,000 and above

Famille Armand Duplantier, Inc.

John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer

Constance Joyce Duplantier Circle - $2,500 - $4,999

The Community Fund for the Arts

Mr. and Mrs. F. Charles McMains, Jr.

Duplantier Society - $1,000 - $2,499

The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

Mr. and Mrs. H. Parrott Bacot (Honorary Member)

Clark G. Boyce

Dr. and Mrs. Millard Byrd

Wayne and Marilyn Davis

The Reverend David Allard Duplantier

Winifred L. Gill

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hart

The Frank and Ann McMains Fund

Josephine W. Nixon

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Noland

2011 Noland CLAT

The Reilly Family Foundation

Cary Saurage in honor of Alma Lee and H.N. Saurage, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Stromeyer

Martin and Moo Svendson

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tannehill

Taylor, Porter, Brooks and Phillips, L.L.P.

Sue Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Williams, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Young (Honorary Member)

Mike and Karen Zobrist

Planter - $500 - $999

Mrs. Ann McMains

Settler - $250 - $499

Ira Paul Babin, II

Roby and Barbara Beardon

Mr. and Mrs. John Graves

Bernardine and Tommy Holliday

Harriet Babin Miller

Milton J. Womack Foundation

Overseer - $100 - $249

Patricia Alford

Bill and Sue Avery

Mr. and Mrs. H. Parrott Bacot

Carol Anne and Sidney Blitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley W. Coates

J. W. "Bill" Cocreham

Bobby and Patricia Comeaux

J. Michael Cutshaw

Harry L. and Hazel Dupre Delahoussaye

Susan Martin Eaton

Jon S. Emerson

Devra and Jerry Goss

Billy and Janet Heroman

Steven and Beverly Heymsfield

Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hill

Larry and Emily Hubbard

David and Melanie Kleinpeter Hubbs

Ann Reiley Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Kleinpeter, Sr.

Ralph and Gwenda McKenzie

Thomas C. McKowen IV and Elizabeth B. McKowen

Donna and Ray Mitchell

Frances and John Monroe

W. A. Norfolk

Mr. and Mrs. John Pace

Willa and Marvin Roof

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rome

Dr. Adelaide H. Russo

Helen L. Schneidau

Anne G. Shirley

Pam and Gerry Sulzer

Jane and Randolph Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Thompson, Jr.

Coco Treppendahl

Nancy K. Vinci

Eloise Y. Wall

Susan and John Wilder

Will and Jean Wilcox

Friend - $35 - $99

Irene Beary

Judi Betts

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Black

Mary Boston

John Bres

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Campbell

Ursula and Jack Carmena

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Clark

Charles H. Coates, Jr. and Peggy D. Coates

Nancy Crawford

Jacquelyn Creaghan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crowder

Louis D. Curet

Peggy P. David

Mary L. Doran

Gerald and Phyllis Duplantier

Michael A. Duplantier

Delores Wheeler Dyer

Patrice Ellis

Bebe Facundus

Mrs. Eleanor C. Favrot

Natalie Fielding

Mary S. Garay

Neel and Frances Garland

Maxine J. Gossom

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Grant

Michael and Charlotte Harelson

Susie C. Heroman

Robert H. Hodges

Trent and Kay James

Catherine Kidd

Mary Koontz

Rosemary Lane

Brenda LeBoeuf

Anne and Walter Legett

Jay and Carol Little

Mary McCowan

Elizabeth Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. David Norwood, III

Jane and John B. Norwood

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Palmer

June Peay

Brenda Perkins

Virginia Pruet

Laura Rhorer

Margo Duplantier Rhinehart

Fay Duplantier Rice

Julie Rose

Susan H. Rouprich

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Shuman

Antoinette Quincy Siddall

R. P. and Jill Slicker

June Smythe

Katherine Shaw Spaht

Carolyn Stutts

John Sykes

Elizabeth Treppendahl

Ann Weller

Edna Wilson

Collection Donations

Janie Languirand Coles – A collection of Victorian furniture from the estate of the George Eldredge family donated in memory of her grandparents, George and Mattie Eldredge and the Eldredge family.


Dr. Chet Coles – A late 18th century low-post French bed and a late 19th century Renaissance Revival American bed.


Dr. Cecil Morgan, Jr. – An original 1895 Kaiser Swenson Map of East Baton Rouge showing Magnolia Mound Plantation.


John Sykes – A reproduction of Original 1895 Kaiser Swenson Map.

Memorial Donations

Gwen Edwards

Winnie Byrd

Patricia Comeaux

Susan Dawson

Estelle Rome

Margaret Ann and Gene Wagenecht

Laura Webb


Elise Cohn Rosenthal

H. Parrott Bacot

Carol Anne and Sid Blitzer

Katherine Shaw Spaht

John Sykes


Haughton Tannehill

Patricia Comeaux

Marilyn Davis


Jules V. White

Mr. and Mrs. H. Parrott Bacot

Phyllis B. Garber

Cecilia C. Hughes

Dr. Neil G. Odenwald

Mrs. Bert S. Turner

Lewis and Gail Unglesby


Mr. and Mrs. Manning Billeaud