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Joseph Guy Allard Du Plantier, Armand’s father was born April 13, 1721 in Grenoble, France.

The Allard du Plantier’s family Coat of Arms in France

Portrait of Augustine Duplantier (1799-1864) & Fergus Duplantier (1783 – 1844).


In 1781 Armand Duplantier married Augustine Gerard, the adopted stepdaughter of his uncle Claude Trenonay. Augustine gave him four children, Fergus born in 1783, Armand born in 1785, Guy born in 1791 and Augustine Eulalie born in 1799.


In 1807 Fergus, married Josephine Joyce. She was the daughter of Constance Rochon Joyce, Armand’s second wife.

Augustine Duplantier (1799-1864)

Louis Estevon de Favrot (1788-1876)


In 1799, Armand and Augustine Duplantier went with some of their slaves to New Orleans for the birth of their fourth baby, Augustine. Unfortunately that year the yellow fever epidemic was raging and Augustine died 5 weeks after giving birth to her daughter. In 1819 Augustine married her first cousin Louis Estevon de Favrot. Louis was the son of Pierre de Favrot and Marie Gerard, sister of Augustine Gerard.